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Begin My Story is the home of storytellers who write personal, family, and professional stories.

“The World Needs the Stories You Have to Write.”

Every Story Is Worth Remembering

Without stories, our life’s journeys appear and dissolve like clouds seldom remembered. A story has the power to connect, inspire, challenge, and help us not forget.

Begin My Story Mission. The mission of is to help and inspire you to learn how to research and write the stories that matter to you. These stories happen on personal, family, and professional levels, and a story has the power to connect, inspire, challenge, and help us not forget.

At, we believe the stories you write will make a difference. When done correctly, the reader will respond by escaping entirely into your work. Within

  • Learn to write stories that inspire action, tell people about you, convey values, foster community/collaboration and impart knowledge/education.
  • Develop, expand, and sharpen your writing and storytelling skills.
  • Learn how to choose a story idea that you can develop and complete.
  • Learn to discover, research, and evaluate different types of records to support your stories.
  • Become familiar with various tools and services to support your writing.
  • Learn how to conduct and use oral interviews.
  • Expand upon your professional storytelling.
  • Download guides, ebooks, and relevant resources to help write stories and related content.
  • And more.

Who is behind I am Author B. Schreiber.  I started to share my knowledge, passion and love for personal, family and professional storytelling with others.

I believe that the most important stories we tell to begin with us, you and me, and expand to family, friends and professional associates. Stories give us a sense of identity and purpose. Stories connect us. Through stories, we feel a sense of belonging. A life lived is a path full of remarkable stories of joy, love, tragedy, sorrow, triumph, and adventure. These are the stories waiting to be written.

I have been deeply immersed in corporate advertising and communications, and this is a field where I have the privilege to help create the story of global brands.

I’m a global professional writer, blogger, and storyteller. A corporate writer’s life is done chiefly backstage, out of sight from the theater audience. And I like it that way. My satisfaction comes from knowing that thousands of people worldwide see and share my work daily.

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